Customers today recognize companies through their logos and big name corporations realize the importance of a great logo. It is in essence the perfect branding opportunity as it signifies what the company stands for and what it entails to the general public. In the market today, every major company has its own specific logo, through which it is able to connect with the general public. Organizations today, know that a distinct logo instantly adds value to their brand and gives them a marketing edge in the industry. The business logo you choose to align with the company, will in essence become the identity of the organization as a whole.

Each organization is thus recognized in the market and the industry through their logo. The logo is seen as the identity of the brand and the business. Design Arabia has got the leading team of experts in the industry and can provide the best logo designs for your business. Our quality is undoubted and we will provide your business with the most unique business logo designs in the market today.

To provide you with a better view of our skill set and expertise, here are some of the different types of logo design that we provide to our clients:

* Wordmarks.

A simple word mark is a text-only design that is used to illustrate the message, position or philosophy of the brand. An effective word mark will often feature a differnet typographical style or a custom typeface that will help allow your brand to stand out from the rest. It will in essence allow your brand to appear both distinctive with an added touch of simplicity and sophistication at the same time. Advantages of Word marks are

• Simplicity
• Adaptability
• Non-representational
• Name Recognition

* Letterform Marks.

We provide letterform marks to allow a brand to be represented by an iconic symbol. It can contain one or more letters and will allow the brand to have a unique edge and give it that distinctive edge. These symbols can be either highly stylized or be in a simplified manner that will enable the mark of the brand to stand completely apart from the rest. We are top notch logo Design Company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Advantages of Letterform Marks

• Iconic
• Simplicity
• Independent

* Pictorial (Iconic) Marks.

The pictorial marks are also known as iconic marks and are made to provide an illustration of the product or the brand metaphor. Companies regularly used pictorial marks such as an animal, or any other tangible item in order to provide a basis for their brand illustration. Advantages of Letterform Marks

• Promotes Brand Culture
• Tangible
• Anthropomorphic Potential

* Abstract Marks.

We provide abstract marks in order use convey the brand’s message through the use of non-representational symbols. These abstract symbols are used effectively to illustrate certain issues, services, or any complex or intangible products at the same time. The marks are often found to be reliant on certain qualities such as color and shape. Advantages of Abstract Marks

• Ambiguity
• Emotive
• Interpretive

* Emblems.

We offer emblems as well, which are a sole entity that includes and incorporates different inseparable pictorial elements and typography together. Advantages of Emblems

• Perceived Strength
• Distinctiveness
• Unity